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About Us

The Sunderland Forum - About Us Page

Firstly, the Sunderland Forum is part of a collection of family-friendly websites. The main website for all our business is Wearside Online (

However, right now, you are at the Sunderland Message Boards (SMB). So, this is the website address: But you can access our forums from here too:

In short, we have been running the Sunderland Forum for a very long time. Indeed, we have had many different web addresses. However, we settled on this one in 2013. We have had this domain twice over the years! Be that as it may, we have the expertise to keep a responsible community forum running smoothly.

Since we have always been a family-friendly forum, we do not allow swearing. Neither do we allow filth in any shape or form, nor do we allow links to dubious sites. Therefore, younger members can read the Sunderland Forums and post here with safety in mind.

The Sunderland Forum Team

Our team has five members with Bob being the Admin while Mighty Quinn is Assistant Admin. Then we have Jools, Jackal and Paper Terry who are the moderators. All decisions the staff make here are final so please don't argue with them.

At this time, the Sunderland Message Boards have many separate forums. Because we are a community forum, we are not a football only forum.

For example, we have the Sunderland City Lounge for all local news and gossip on Wearside. Then we have the SAFC Forum for all Black Cats Chat.

Since we are a general forum for all, we welcome just about anyone who has an interest. So, apart from the City Lounge and the Football Forums, we also have a General Lounge for any topic. Indeed, we have two 'off topic' forums! Obviously, from the Sunderland Forum here we have links to all our Sunderland blogs too.

To Sum Up

We hope we have explained in full the way we operate, but if you need to clarify things, contact us. Indeed, our promise to remain as a family-friendly Sunderland community forum should put your mind at rest. With this in mind, register with us today. Why not bookmark us and make the Sunderland Forum your permanent home.