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Footy Banter Message Boards

To allow the SMB to run smoothly, we also include this announcements section. Indeed, it should be your first stop on the Sunderland Forum. You will find many notices here which help us tick along.
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Footy Banter Message Boards

Post by Mighty Quinn »

Footy Banter Message Boards

The main forums here at Wearside Online are family friendly, therefore you need to understand the following guidelines.

After a little persuasion from one of our members, we have added a Football Banter Forum to the Sunderland Message Boards.
This is a trial only to see how it goes and we will review things over time.

To access the Football Banter Forum you must make a request after you register with us.
Those Sunderland supporters who choose to change their rank to 'CASUALS' have automatic access.
So, if you are an SAFC supporter and you wish to post in the banter forum, make a request to change your rank.

Newcastle supporters wishing to join in will have their own rank, so will other local teams from the North East.
Supporters from teams outside of the North East will have a general banter rank assigned to them.
Of course, everyone can use their own avatar.


We don't wish to over-moderate the Football Banter Forum as this would prevent healthy debates.
However, you should ensure that your posts are legal and lawful.
You will be banned should you post racist or homophobic posts etc., because these sort of posts are unlawful even though ordinary members can't view them - Google can!
However, unlike the rest of the Sunderland Forum, swearing is allowed where appropriate.
Good humour and free speech is welcome too, but you are fully responsible for anything you post.

Since we are relaxing the moderation on this forum, we are relying on members to report anything illegal so we may act on it.
We are not spoilsports in any way, but we must remain within the law all of the time.
Just remember that you are never really anonymous on the internet, if they want you, they can find you!

Have fun but stay safe online by observing the law!

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